Google Wants To See What You See

Google Glass is the latest product to take the Internet by storm, over 15 million people have watched the launch video on Youtube. Bids even reached an astonishing $15,000 when a prototype was place on Ebay earlier today, subsequently the listing was removed.

Potential buyers from all over the globe are excited for this new technology but the real issue is being ignored. Yes the ability to record and see maps through special voice commands may be appealing but apart from financial gain what do Google receive.

With simple GPS technology and Cloud-Storage Google can essentially see what you see when you see it. More and more people are now understanding the price of using Facebook. But I feel this new technology will mask the fact that one of the biggest companies in the world are manipulating products to learn more about users.

Where will it end ? glasses ? contact lenses ? or a fully functional mechanical eyeball ?

Have some sense, think about what it will cost you to use this product and not just in a financial sense. Although I promote technology excessively, not all of it is essential.

Michael H.

Google Glass


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