Do We Subconsciously Want The End?

Since the beginning of time we have tried to predict the end of the world, from Nostradamus to the 2012 epidemic endless theories have circled around our planet about its ultimate demise.

The most recent advancement of this bizare mentality has sprung up in our daily entertainment. The games industry has never been scared of venturing into controversial mediums but the launch of  the popular strategy game Plague Inc now allows a player to end the world tactically.

The app based game available on most smart devices encourages a player to create an intelligent virus and unleash it upon the world. The game is disturbingly addicting and quite frightening.

Why do we want to play these scenarios out ? Is it because we don’t feel worthy of life ? Are we obsessed with death and destruction? Or do we just like the power ?

Who truly knows why this mentality exists in humans but I find it fascinating that we must constantly discover how we will all perish.

Michael. H



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