Things Are Getting Mysterious: CCTV Footage

I couldn’t get the strange letter out of my mind, initially I was certain this message was a hoax but I have found some worrying footage that disregards this theory.

It all started last night when I was having trouble sleeping so I decided to update my blog, as I turned on my computer I was greeted with a popup for my CCTV footage program. Before closing the program I quickly skimmed over the last nights footage, the camera picks up the front of my home and the surrounding area.

Everything seemed normal until I saw something very alarming around 11pm , I have attached the clip below so you can see for yourself.

As you can see, a strange man wearing a mask walks from the distance and delivers the letter (See last post), he is very quick and leaves the scene almost immediately.

What started out as a possible prank seems to have turned into something much more interesting. One more incident occurs within the footage at 0.39 – 0.42 seconds, the mysterious man drops a document by accident.

I have so many unanswered questions about this recent chain of events and I think the next step in the process is finding that dropped document. I shall spend the day tomorrow searching the grounds around my home, hopefully I can find something of interest and see what all this nonsense is about.

Michael H.


Strange Letter ! Is This A Sick Joke ?

Today I received a rather peculiar letter through my door, normally I would throw away un-offical post but something about this message both intrigued and concerned me. The first thing that struck me as bizarre about this letter was the envelope it was concealed in. As I continued to examine the letter it only seemed to get weirder.

Below I have attached some photos of the letter…

Letter Front

As you can see the front of the letter is basic but my name is handwritten.

 Letter Back Letter Sticker

The back of the enveloped is sealed with a very unique sticker, it appears to be in the style of World War One American propaganda. There is no clue to the location of the mail but it is very faintly stamped with an international shipping logo.


The note is wrote really poorly, there appears to be several faint sketches and the actually paper is pretty beat up. The letter is signed but the signature has been removed or torn away, other notable markings can be seen at the top of the note where some measurement of time has been recorded.

From analysing the note I have transcribed the following message which is presumably for me:

“Please send help, I am not a stranger. Don’t stop. You Know. Signed…”

I really don’t know what to make of this strange situation, it is more than likely that this is some sort of sick prank from one of the hundreds of “Extreme Patriots” that are against me and my blog.

Anyway, I shall keep you posted if anything develops.

Michael H.