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I have Been Contacted, This Time Tomorrow I Could Be On Island 12

Since my last post I have received an email from a man simply known as the captain, although this sounds like its straight out of a science fiction novel it is in fact true. I have no idea whether some wise guy has set up a fake account and is playing with my curiosity but regardless, the message is intriguing.


The Email

There is not a lot to say about this message, it is relatively straight forward. The Captain wants to meet tomorrow at 54.586637 N -1.2477207 E (which are co-ordinates for a port near the River Tees, Middlesbrough)

This link shows the location –

I have Made My Choice

After thinking over this email, what have I got to lose ? If this is some sort of prank then the worst thing that can happen is I spend a morning waiting around for an hour or so. But if this is the real deal I could potentially be venturing to one of the most incredible places that has every existed.

Despite the clear warning I am in fact going to try and take my friend again with me on this adventure, something this incredible must be shared. He has ensured me that he has the software to quickly edit and automatically publish to Vimeo which will in turn link onto this blog. This will allow us to record secretly and keep you all updated without raising suspicion, especially if “The Captain” blatantly stops us from recording any footage.

I am hesitant and excited about my potential trip tomorrow, surely the rumours of death and time vortex problems are just folk tales by bored sailors.

Next Stop, Island 12 !

Michael H.

The Research Continues

I have been scouring the internet for the past two days in search of Island 12, to my despair this was an almost impossible task. If the story of Island 12 is based on true events it has been covered up remarkably well.

Finally after tireless hours I have found a small independent website that talks about Island 12. The website is very small and is even based on a free hosting site, the funding for this research must be obsolete or severely frowned upon by someone.

Please take a look at this website for yourself:

The website is vast with theories, some are outragous and clearly un-true. But one theory talks about time problems on the mystical island and this really facsinates me. I have always been interested in time, as a man made concept how can it develop on its own. Personally I feel a time concept does exist and always has, but its not as simple as we have created. Its a free living concept that is far more powerful than we can explain.

The items I found within the buried chest could be related to a time theory, I must look over them again and try to find some correlation.

I am going to delve deeper and I will get the answers we all desire.

Michael H.

Chest Breakdown And Analysis

Its quite unbelievable but if you watched the video documenting my recent search you will know what I have found already. I spent most of yesterday and today looking through the contents of the buried chest I found and I must say things aren’t looking positive at all.

The Journal

I shall start with the small black journal, immediately I was concerned by the exterior of the book. It has a small hand drawn skull in the centre of a beaten black cover but its the words, drawing and clipped newspaper articles that really scare me.

Journal Front  EPSON MFP image

Above are two images of the journal, the picture to the right is just one example of the dialogue and the theme of this artefact. As you can see the ramblings on one of the pages is very gothic and almost psychedelic. I have transcribed a very important passage below from the journal that finally gives me some insight into the origins of this chest.

Transcribed journal entry – 02/03/1966

The day is upon us, after almost 8 years planning we are ready. 

Today is the evacuation / transportation day, 800 special citizens will be brought here by freight within the next 24 hours.

I’m a whole bag of old nerves, everything we have worked for, all the planning. But at the same time I’m even more excited. 

My work on construction projects has been vast and wide. This project is my most proud. 

As I write this journal log I feel even more confident to stay here on this glorious island. 


Alongside these log entries are newspaper articles from a publisher known as “Island Life”, the stories are very disturbing and talk of a strange disorder / illness that this sweeping over this island.

Chest Videotape

I managed to rip the videotape to my computer, I have posted it below. Again I am skeptical of its contents but I am finding it very hard to discredit with this amount of evidence building up.

The footage seems to be an amateur recording of some buildings which are completely abandoned and deserted. The ending is very strange, from watching it I am sure a demonic figure appears, whether this is fake or not is another matter.

Cassette Tape

The audio I recovered from the cassette tape is only short but it sounds like a riot or disaster is taking place, presumably on the island. Throughout the recording emergency sirens can be heard alongside screaming, gunfire and flying aircrafts.


A series of photographs where also recovered from the chest, I briefly went over these in the video from yesterday’s post but they seem to be documenting a huge construction project.



Alternative Pictures

     Tape          Flask         Cassette

Static shots of the videotape, a hip-flask (containing brandy) and cassette tape. Click to enlarge the images.


As I have already quoted I am currently still reviewing all the content I have recovered from the chest at Redcar. But at this stage I feel confident enough to say that the chest is an archive of evidence from a huge construction project in the mid 60’s known as Island 12.

Something has clearly happened on this island… having never heard of this island I will dedicate the my time into looking at the rest of this content and trying to dig anything else up on Island 12.

Previously I was unconvinced about this whole situation, but I can’t deny this evidence. If this island is real and something did happen in the 1960’s why does nobody know about it. The cynic in me really wants to throw this chest away but if this is some sort of cover up I need to get to the bottom of it.

Michael H.

The Hunt Was Successful, But I Don’t like The Prize.

After successfully identifying the possible location of the buried item (s), I have decided to travel to the small town of Redcar and try to recover whatever is hidden in the beach.

Rather than describe the events in words I opted to obtain the help of a friend who is a small independent filmmaker to recored the days events. Being quite skeptical of the whole situation myself I thought this would be the best way to document any findings. (I’m glad I chose to do this)

Below is the video from the days event:

Michael. H

I’ve Found It ! It’s Some Kind Of Map And I Know What It Means

After several hours of searching the area surrounding my home I have finally found the dropped document noted in my last post.

Directly below is the most relevant side of the document.


This map is very crudely drawn in pencil, there is no clue to where the location is based except that it sits on the coast of the North Sea. A large circular area marks a specific area on the map and some mathematics in the bottom corner box seem to be instructions.

Initially I was very skeptical of this whole situation but things seem to be getting more peculiar and this has sparked my interest further. Ever since I was a child I have loved following treasure hunts and discovering new things.

This recent chain of events is both fascinating and addicting to me, thats why I spent an endless amount of time trying to find where this map is identifying.

My Findings

Redcar Dig Site

Above is an ariel shot of the small town Redcar, located in the North East of England. As you can see by comparing the two images the resemblance is remarkable.

I have come to the conclusion that this must be where the map is indicating and I also feel I have discovered what the mathematics mean. I am presuming the measurements are in feet, by this logic the site is located 32 feet north, in a 6 by 6 grid that could be located with in the area of the circle calculation.

The small diagram also shows that the item described is buried within the earths surface.

I must find it… I will.

Michael. H