I’ve Found It ! It’s Some Kind Of Map And I Know What It Means

After several hours of searching the area surrounding my home I have finally found the dropped document noted in my last post.

Directly below is the most relevant side of the document.


This map is very crudely drawn in pencil, there is no clue to where the location is based except that it sits on the coast of the North Sea. A large circular area marks a specific area on the map and some mathematics in the bottom corner box seem to be instructions.

Initially I was very skeptical of this whole situation but things seem to be getting more peculiar and this has sparked my interest further. Ever since I was a child I have loved following treasure hunts and discovering new things.

This recent chain of events is both fascinating and addicting to me, thats why I spent an endless amount of time trying to find where this map is identifying.

My Findings

Redcar Dig Site

Above is an ariel shot of the small town Redcar, located in the North East of England. As you can see by comparing the two images the resemblance is remarkable.

I have come to the conclusion that this must be where the map is indicating and I also feel I have discovered what the mathematics mean. I am presuming the measurements are in feet, by this logic the site is located 32 feet north, in a 6 by 6 grid that could be located with in the area of the circle calculation.

The small diagram also shows that the item described is buried within the earths surface.

I must find it… I will.

Michael. H


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