The Philadelphia Experiment Almost 70 Years Later

This year will see the 70th anniversary of the Philadelphia Experiment conspiracy. On the 28th October 1943 the American Government successfuly used technology to turn a Naval ship invisible and cloak it from enemy devices, according to some theorists.

Philadelpia ProjectUSS Eldridge (DE-173) – Suspected Naval VesselĀ 

Although the story is widely considered a hoax there is plenty of evidence to support that this type of technology was being tested and researched by both Allied and Axis forces. After the war it became common knowledge that Nazi military research was evil and inhuman. But the Philadelphia Experiment supposedly killed and injured several American crew members in the process. Some claim that ship mates became melted into the decks of the ship and appeared graphically disfigured.

The Philadelphia Experiment is hard to believe without actual evidence but if the winner of a war writes the history books is it really to far fetched to believe that the allied forces may have covered up this potential event?

Would you believe this theory if it was the Nazi’s who supposedly attempted this experiment? I feel that it becomes much more plausible.

So whether you believe the Philadelphia Experiment happened or not please remember that history is just a group of accepted opinions from the past.

Michael H.


38 Years Later, Cambodia’s Landmine Problem

When people think of the Vietnam War, they think of the endless rain of Napalm, the horrific spread of bullets and everything thing else in-between. It is un-doubtablely one of the worst wars our planet has participated in, but this post isn’t about reflecting on horrific history.

A more important issue is still out there and effecting the lives of thousands living in the hazardous mountain terrains of Cambodia. Although Cambodia is now seeing brighter days since the war with increased tourism and potential development opportunities, the threat of un-activated land mines still reeks havoc on the lives of the locals.


The Cambodian Mine Action Centre (CMAC) estimates between 4-6 million land mines still remain planted and are highly dangerous. Around 40,000 citizens live as amputee’s in Cambodia because of this statistic.

Currently organisations such as the CMAC and American funded projects are trying to reduce the number of land mines in Cambodia. This post is not a charity appeal as the problem is being handled but it is too remind people that the effects of a war don’t end when the white flag is waved. It’s tragic to think that our children can be killed because of a war that ended 38 years ago.

Technology seems to become obsolete overnight in Western Society but military technology was built for one purpose, too kill and there is no expiration date.

Be aware.

Michael H.