Who Gets Paid When You Press Play?

The debate over music piracy and artist royalties was been a hot topic for many years now, but what is your point of view ?

This interesting info-graphic originally posted on Informationisbeautifull.com shows how much a song must be played, sold or distributed before the artist earns a profit.

I found this graph to highlight streaming websites as demons in disguise, previously I thought that by using a streaming site I was helping an artist financially. But it appears my efforts are futile.

Personally I still feel the best way to support an artist is to watch them live if you get the opportunity, not only do you break away from the confusing ethics of online piracy but the performance will be unique.

Whats remarkable is that the media and record labels insist we the user are financially robbing these artists when the real villain here seems to be the record labels and their ridiculous cuts from a sale.

Michael H.

Music Royal