Things Are Getting Mysterious: CCTV Footage

I couldn’t get the strange letter out of my mind, initially I was certain this message was a hoax but I have found some worrying footage that disregards this theory.

It all started last night when I was having trouble sleeping so I decided to update my blog, as I turned on my computer I was greeted with a popup for my CCTV footage program. Before closing the program I quickly skimmed over the last nights footage, the camera picks up the front of my home and the surrounding area.

Everything seemed normal until I saw something very alarming around 11pm , I have attached the clip below so you can see for yourself.

As you can see, a strange man wearing a mask walks from the distance and delivers the letter (See last post), he is very quick and leaves the scene almost immediately.

What started out as a possible prank seems to have turned into something much more interesting. One more incident occurs within the footage at 0.39 – 0.42 seconds, the mysterious man drops a document by accident.

I have so many unanswered questions about this recent chain of events and I think the next step in the process is finding that dropped document. I shall spend the day tomorrow searching the grounds around my home, hopefully I can find something of interest and see what all this nonsense is about.

Michael H.


Strange Letter ! Is This A Sick Joke ?

Today I received a rather peculiar letter through my door, normally I would throw away un-offical post but something about this message both intrigued and concerned me. The first thing that struck me as bizarre about this letter was the envelope it was concealed in. As I continued to examine the letter it only seemed to get weirder.

Below I have attached some photos of the letter…

Letter Front

As you can see the front of the letter is basic but my name is handwritten.

 Letter Back Letter Sticker

The back of the enveloped is sealed with a very unique sticker, it appears to be in the style of World War One American propaganda. There is no clue to the location of the mail but it is very faintly stamped with an international shipping logo.


The note is wrote really poorly, there appears to be several faint sketches and the actually paper is pretty beat up. The letter is signed but the signature has been removed or torn away, other notable markings can be seen at the top of the note where some measurement of time has been recorded.

From analysing the note I have transcribed the following message which is presumably for me:

“Please send help, I am not a stranger. Don’t stop. You Know. Signed…”

I really don’t know what to make of this strange situation, it is more than likely that this is some sort of sick prank from one of the hundreds of “Extreme Patriots” that are against me and my blog.

Anyway, I shall keep you posted if anything develops.

Michael H.

The Philadelphia Experiment Almost 70 Years Later

This year will see the 70th anniversary of the Philadelphia Experiment conspiracy. On the 28th October 1943 the American Government successfuly used technology to turn a Naval ship invisible and cloak it from enemy devices, according to some theorists.

Philadelpia ProjectUSS Eldridge (DE-173) – Suspected Naval Vessel 

Although the story is widely considered a hoax there is plenty of evidence to support that this type of technology was being tested and researched by both Allied and Axis forces. After the war it became common knowledge that Nazi military research was evil and inhuman. But the Philadelphia Experiment supposedly killed and injured several American crew members in the process. Some claim that ship mates became melted into the decks of the ship and appeared graphically disfigured.

The Philadelphia Experiment is hard to believe without actual evidence but if the winner of a war writes the history books is it really to far fetched to believe that the allied forces may have covered up this potential event?

Would you believe this theory if it was the Nazi’s who supposedly attempted this experiment? I feel that it becomes much more plausible.

So whether you believe the Philadelphia Experiment happened or not please remember that history is just a group of accepted opinions from the past.

Michael H.

Do We Subconsciously Want The End?

Since the beginning of time we have tried to predict the end of the world, from Nostradamus to the 2012 epidemic endless theories have circled around our planet about its ultimate demise.

The most recent advancement of this bizare mentality has sprung up in our daily entertainment. The games industry has never been scared of venturing into controversial mediums but the launch of  the popular strategy game Plague Inc now allows a player to end the world tactically.

The app based game available on most smart devices encourages a player to create an intelligent virus and unleash it upon the world. The game is disturbingly addicting and quite frightening.

Why do we want to play these scenarios out ? Is it because we don’t feel worthy of life ? Are we obsessed with death and destruction? Or do we just like the power ?

Who truly knows why this mentality exists in humans but I find it fascinating that we must constantly discover how we will all perish.

Michael. H


Symbols, Stars and Secret Societies, Who’s Ruling Who?

Secret Societies that pre-determine the future events of our entire planet, seems far fetched right? But is it really too unrealistic to think a selective few individuals have complete power?

Since time began humans have established power structures and civilizations finest have publicly made important decisions that change the course of history as we know it. As time has progressed and the common peasant has received more social equality it has become harder for the people at the top to make big decisions.

The Media's Illuminati.

The Media’s Illuminati.

Obviously groups such as the Illuminati and the New World Order are highly glamourised by the worlds media and the suspected A-List celebrity roster that these groups supposedly entail have to be false. On the other hand completely ruling out that the worlds strongest governments remain independent and fully democratic seems very naive to me.

In theory if a society such as the Illuminati or New World Order did get exposed the controversy would be catastrophic. Moral codes, representations of nations and a whole string of other issues would come into question.

To wrap this post up, I would say that the thought of celebrities influencing and controlling the status quo of the planet is ridiculous. But these figures have immense power over millions so the idea that these people are being used as tools by a real society to influence the masses is logical.

Illuminati / New World Order Or Singular Governments, our species is complex and so is the political structure.

Michael H.

The real NWO

What I think the real NWO is.

38 Years Later, Cambodia’s Landmine Problem

When people think of the Vietnam War, they think of the endless rain of Napalm, the horrific spread of bullets and everything thing else in-between. It is un-doubtablely one of the worst wars our planet has participated in, but this post isn’t about reflecting on horrific history.

A more important issue is still out there and effecting the lives of thousands living in the hazardous mountain terrains of Cambodia. Although Cambodia is now seeing brighter days since the war with increased tourism and potential development opportunities, the threat of un-activated land mines still reeks havoc on the lives of the locals.


The Cambodian Mine Action Centre (CMAC) estimates between 4-6 million land mines still remain planted and are highly dangerous. Around 40,000 citizens live as amputee’s in Cambodia because of this statistic.

Currently organisations such as the CMAC and American funded projects are trying to reduce the number of land mines in Cambodia. This post is not a charity appeal as the problem is being handled but it is too remind people that the effects of a war don’t end when the white flag is waved. It’s tragic to think that our children can be killed because of a war that ended 38 years ago.

Technology seems to become obsolete overnight in Western Society but military technology was built for one purpose, too kill and there is no expiration date.

Be aware.

Michael H.


Who Gets Paid When You Press Play?

The debate over music piracy and artist royalties was been a hot topic for many years now, but what is your point of view ?

This interesting info-graphic originally posted on shows how much a song must be played, sold or distributed before the artist earns a profit.

I found this graph to highlight streaming websites as demons in disguise, previously I thought that by using a streaming site I was helping an artist financially. But it appears my efforts are futile.

Personally I still feel the best way to support an artist is to watch them live if you get the opportunity, not only do you break away from the confusing ethics of online piracy but the performance will be unique.

Whats remarkable is that the media and record labels insist we the user are financially robbing these artists when the real villain here seems to be the record labels and their ridiculous cuts from a sale.

Michael H.

Music Royal