Waiting For The Captain

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I have Been Contacted, This Time Tomorrow I Could Be On Island 12

Since my last post I have received an email from a man simply known as the captain, although this sounds like its straight out of a science fiction novel it is in fact true. I have no idea whether some wise guy has set up a fake account and is playing with my curiosity but regardless, the message is intriguing.


The Email

There is not a lot to say about this message, it is relatively straight forward. The Captain wants to meet tomorrow at 54.586637 N -1.2477207 E (which are co-ordinates for a port near the River Tees, Middlesbrough)

This link shows the location –¬†http://twcc.free.fr

I have Made My Choice

After thinking over this email, what have I got to lose ? If this is some sort of prank then the worst thing that can happen is I spend a morning waiting around for an hour or so. But if this is the real deal I could potentially be venturing to one of the most incredible places that has every existed.

Despite the clear warning I am in fact going to try and take my friend again with me on this adventure, something this incredible must be shared. He has ensured me that he has the software to quickly edit and automatically publish to Vimeo which will in turn link onto this blog. This will allow us to record secretly and keep you all updated without raising suspicion, especially if “The Captain” blatantly stops us from recording any footage.

I am hesitant and excited about my potential trip tomorrow, surely the rumours of death and time vortex problems are just folk tales by bored sailors.

Next Stop, Island 12 !

Michael H.

The Research Continues

I have been scouring the internet for the past two days in search of Island 12, to my despair this was an almost impossible task. If the story of Island 12 is based on true events it has been covered up remarkably well.

Finally after tireless hours I have found a small independent website that talks about Island 12. The website is very small and is even based on a free hosting site, the funding for this research must be obsolete or severely frowned upon by someone.

Please take a look at this website for yourself:


The website is vast with theories, some are outragous and clearly un-true. But one theory talks about time problems on the mystical island and this really facsinates me. I have always been interested in time, as a man made concept how can it develop on its own. Personally I feel a time concept does exist and always has, but its not as simple as we have created. Its a free living concept that is far more powerful than we can explain.

The items I found within the buried chest could be related to a time theory, I must look over them again and try to find some correlation.

I am going to delve deeper and I will get the answers we all desire.

Michael H.